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Want to know about Safar-e-Adab? Okay then, Let’s have an introduction.

Safar-e-Adab is a platform for readers as well as writers which came into existence in 2021. We update the latest literary content every day. If you are looking for something good to read then you are at the right place. As we go for quality and not quantity, you may find less reading material here than on other platforms but what makes us unique is our taste. “of biryani too!” but here it’s about literary content. Look by yourself now!

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We love to hear from writers. Providing writers a platform to publish their writeups is our primary secret mission but wait! Don’t rush! Make sure that while writing, you try your best. That’s it! You can scroll now.

Know About Our Team

about safar-e-adab

A. Firdaus

A. Firdaus is a student and a resident of Uttar Pradesh with expertise in different fields. She always finds it hard to bind herself between the high walls of a title because she is a lot more than that.

A. Firdaus is the Founder and Managing Director of Safar-e-Adab.

In a discussion about Safar-e-Adab, She said that “I have seen a lot of writers dreaming to become an author, to gain an identity in the world of literature. I believe that every writer dreams to feel the touch of his book, smelling its fragrance, and sink into its boundaries but only some of them achieve their dreams. So we decided to create a platform and here it is, Safar-e-Adab, a platform that is helping the writers who deserve to feel their books, who deserve recognition, who deserve to achieve success. There are many other platforms but Safar-e-Adab is unique because we feel what a writer feels. We know how it feels when you find a post on Instagram which says that ‘If you are a writer and want to publish a book, contact us’ and you happily contact them and then you come to know that you are required to pay in order to get your book published. How it feels when you share your manuscript with an editor of a popular digest and they never reply back. How it feels when you find yourself slowly losing hope. To drag that hope back, Safar-e-Adab will never charge any amount for anything, ie., PDF, E-Books, and Hard Copy. Moreover, we pay a royalty for each paid content to its writer. This is how we are making a difference”

Amreen Shaikh

Amreen is an Indian Urdu novel writer. She has the ability to mesmerize her readers through her words. Writing is her hobby in which she is so perfect that after reading her once, readers search for her novels again and again. Her marvelous novels are loved by a large number of readers.

It’s really great that, in safar-e-Adab, she is the Co-Founder of Safar-e-Adab and is working hard as our Proofreader & Web Manager.

Umaira Khan

Umaira is an excellent reader as well as a writer. As a student, Umaira is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Urdu. Umaira is being identified for her unique writing style. She always comes up with better story ideas which her readers always love. Urdu literature has always been on her priority list.

In Safar-e-Adab, we proudly mention that she is our Co-founder and also working as the Proofreader, Editor, and Social Media Manager.