Publishing Guide

Get our publishing services in 2 different ways. These are:

  1. Soft copy
    • Free Content
    • Premium Content
  2. Hard copy
    • Paperback
publishing guide

Soft Copy

1) Free Content

  • Free content is published on our website
  • It is available to read for free which means you do not need to pay any amount to read the available content.
  • You can simply download the PDF file to read. Experience the brilliance of HD with our meticulously crafted PDFs. Dive into the world of Urdu novels and enjoy the crystal-clear clarity of our high-definition PDFs. Immerse yourself in the beauty of the written word like never before.
urdu novel
urdu novel pdf
urdu novels pdf download

2) Premium Content

  • We publish premium content on our store
  • We generally call the content published as premium content an E-book
  • As this is premium content, readers need to buy these E-books to read. These are not available to read for free.
  • We don’t charge the writers any kind of fee to publish content in the form of E-books however services like proofreading, editing, typing, and premium marketing are premium services hence, they involve charges based on the book specifications. We still do basic marketing for free.
  • Royalty on profits is offered. The amount of royalty depends on the type of content. It is only finalised after a detailed discussion with the author.
  • We review the manuscript before publishing, upon approval, it is published as an E-book. If your manuscript got rejected, you can share the revised version after 1-2 weeks. This period can be more or less depending on the situation.
  • The writer gets an author copy of the ebook and special discount codes for their dedicated readers community.
  • To access these E-books, you can visit our store directly or go to the sidebar on our website and click on E-books
urdu novel
urdu novel

Hard Copy

We review manuscripts received to publish as hard copies and upon selection, we sign an agreement with the writer and publish the manuscript.

This can be in 2 ways, for your understanding, we call them packages. The 2 packages for paperbacks are:

Hardcopy Publishing Services (Free of Cost)Add Ons
Proofreading & EditingMarketing
Premium Interior DesigningLive Session about the book
FormattingAuthor Interview
Premium Cover DesigningAuthor Special Promotion
Royalty on ProfitBook Distribution to Book Cafes
Cover RevealBook Review on Our website & Social Media
Book PromotionPremium Social Media Promotion
Listing on Ecommerce Website+AmazonPremium Marketing by Influencers
Print on Demand
ISBN & Barcode
Special Author Discount


1) How to send the story or manuscript?

Share it via email. Don’t forget to mention it’s Title, Writer’s name, Genre, and description. You can also mention your social media handle if you want. Kindly mention the title and writer’s name in both English and Urdu if your manuscript is in Urdu language.

2) Which languages do you support?

We accept content in 3 languages, English, Hindi, and Urdu.

3) Do you publish non-fictional content also?

Yes, we publish all the literary content except some which do not meet our terms and conditions.

4) How to send poetries to get them published on Safar-e-Adab?

You can share them via email.

5) Which type of files do you accept?

We accept .docx, .doc, .txt, .inp, and .pdf for English manuscripts. For Urdu or Hindi content, we do not accept .pdf files.

6) Can we share the manuscript via WhatsApp?

No. We only accept manuscripts via email. If you share any content whether it is premium or not, it will not be published.

Still looking for your query? Contact us now for direct support.


  1. I want to published my novel episodic on this platform

    • Yes you can send your novel….
      We don’t have many rules, our first priority is to provide authors with an easy and fast online publishing platform. You must send your novel to us by mail. (If you are interested in publishing an episodic novel, share the episode with us) Your novel should not have any bold scenes.

      Send your novel on this mail with name of novel , name of writer , genre , description. Your can share your novel in word file, inpage , unicode forms.

      📍Novels Name (Urdu & English):

      📍Writer Name(Urdu & English): :

      📍Status( ongoing or complete) :


      📍Description (in urdu):

      📍 insta I’d (with correct spell):,

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