The foundation of society


Nabila Khan

Human life is a collection of different periods. From birth to old age, a person goes through every period which is important and necessary for him. The foundation of the Islamic society in the form of a family not only exhorts us to live according to the way Allah and the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) told us but his life has been made a torch for us. His life has not only been described openly in the Quran and Hadith, but Islam also presents us with a complete code of life and a plan for the existence of a beautiful and excellent society. But the sad thing is that we people are living in an age that is more than the age of Jahiliyyah, where not only our home life is affected, but society is also on the verge of destruction. The most basic thing in our social life is “Mubasharat” which is embedded in all of us like the circulation of blood under the system established by Allah Ta’ala. This is what we people keep hidden and hidden the most, while all its secrets have been openly revealed to man by the Sharia law. But the point of regret is that intimacy has been kept as the most secret by placing it on the personal, due to which a clear situation of deterioration is seen in the society. If we inform our children about all these things in time, they will There will be a significant reduction in the curiosity factor within. And they will not react to all these things as normal life, which is seen everywhere else nowadays. Along with explaining the limits established by Allah, it is also important to convince them that it is not something supernatural. It is one of the most important and basic needs of life.

I still remember that during my studies in Madrasa, when we used to study the book of hadiths “Alaikum Baal Santi” which was included in our curriculum. It also included a chapter called Intimacy. Our respected teachers always ignored this chapter and forbade us not to study it. That era of childhood was very different and simple from today’s era. But even at that time, there was definitely a curiosity among the girls that what is there in this chapter we are being prevented from doing. Most of us girls have not only read this chapter secretly but also made some strange analyzes. And they whispered to each other. And the minds of some of them also took negative effects. But today, I feel compelled to say that if this subject was so bad or graspable, then why would it have been included in the life of the Messenger of Allah, may God bless him and grant him peace. Or how did Allah explain it in the Qur’an. For the improvement of society, the most important need is that we not only listen and understand the concerns and concerns of the children but also help them to determine the right path. And this responsibility falls first on the mother, and father, then on the teachers to help them solve the chaos in the minds of the children, and their confusion regarding this subject, on this subject. to write It is the responsibility of all of us to take up the pen so that we can train our generations to create a clean society as well as restore their confidence. Parents should openly discuss the psychological problems of children with them. When the children reach the age of puberty, whether it is a boy or a girl, sit with them and discuss all these issues openly so that they can live a healthy life instead of risking their lives by adopting thieving ways.

Parents think that it is their responsibility to provide every comfort and convenience to their children, and giving complete freedom to their activities is also a wrong approach if we think that we have shot an arrow by giving them confidence and freedom. If it is taken, it is our wrong thinking. Giving fire to children and thinking that now the child will be safe from this fire is very stupid. It is the father’s responsibility to make children as familiar with themselves as they are with themselves so that they do not feel shy to tell you everything without hesitation. It is important to always remind your children that any work that is done in secret is wrong and has its disadvantages. It is also an important requirement to include this in the training of children to make them accustomed to speaking the truth and recognizing right and wrong. In order to make them conscious human beings, it is necessary to include in their training everything that can prevent all kinds of evil in our society, whether it is sexual immorality, cheating, lying, or bribery. Prevent the losses of interest system. And there is a dire need for every human being to do all this individually. Because a beautiful and durable building cannot exist unless the foundation is strong.

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  1. BinteMumtaz

    I truly agree 👍👍. I also did fear a lot at some moments to share things with parents. It sometimes becomes a dilemma for us!! I guess everyone should know their roles perfectly in the light of sharia laws… Imam moulana akehte hai aurto ko apne huqooq pata hona chahiye Shariah ke but me krhti hu har kisi ko pata hona chahiye ke kisi ki zindagi me use Kiya kya hai same wale ko dene hai.. cuz I do fear that what if my parents force me to marry someone if their choice If it is prohibited in Islam I can’t stop them it is their responsibility to know their roles as sharia has given them!! Thank you safar e adab.. Jazakum-Ullahu khairan Nabila sister 🩶🩶🩶

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