Episodic Novel (Episode 3 Added)


the secrets untold

Novel: The Secrets Untold by Deathsickle

Genre: Mystery, Adventure, Supernatural, Royalty

Language: English

status: Ongoing (EP-03 has been Published)

Description :

In the kingdom of Lopace, the war of succession has been commenced and on the other side in the village people are dying reason unknown and the symptoms are suspicious unable to identify. What will happen will the king be able to unfold the secrets or is the king hiding  something?

Prince Walter, prince Vincent, and prince victor are the sole successors to the throne but what will happen when the king issues a new rule that the women can partake in the successions and their sister princess Diana  also becomes a candidate to the throne when she is a powerful candidate. Intelligent,  powerful (as in super powers) and a dominating figure holding much more political power than the others. Will she back off for her brothers or will she accept the offer and become a threat to them. And what’s the secret behind the deaths.

What secrets are to be unfold? What secrets does this kingdom hold and what secrets does this princess hold?

To unveil these secrets read my very first book “The secrets untold”.

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  1. next ep when??

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