Bisma Waheed


Genre: Articled based On Genuine concealed friend(In English)

Instagram: @bismahh_here

status: complete

Talking about that one friend that perfectly fits in the definition of a “true friend”. Addressing you of that “unknown friend that duels inside you, but unfortunately you don’t try to know much about this friend of yours, and those of whom you are thinking are your true friend, actually they aren’t. They are just a better part of your life who treats you good and make you feel happy and you call them “friends forever” but literally no any of your friend around you fits in the boundary of your acceptation for a true friend.


So you are the recommend friend of yourself, a friend who’ll be with you at your worst. The only friend you treats you according to “YOUR” mood, who motivates you when you feel demotivated and alone, because if you never fix yourself you’ll give up, but your this true friend never let you give up and tries to let you up. A friend to whom you can talk anytime and get relaxed. A friend who accept a true you or what you actually are. A friend who is only yours, to whom you can trust and secure to share all your problems secretly, because if you can’t keep your secret to yourself and tell it to anyone else then never expect that person will keep it secret any more. Only you are the one who knows how to relax or calm yourself when you are in extreme panic because no one knows you better then your this friend(yourself).A friend that makes you feel satisfied even if you are all alone, who sometimes push you because you have to push yourself, no one is going to do it for you and on the other hand, sometimes he relax you of all the worries and let you to just vibe with yourself which totally hits different.

The recommended suggestion is to treat your this friend kindly so he should also treat you good as well. Because now you have to spend all your life with yourself (your true friend), so its better to build a strong and beautiful connection with that friend who is within you. Just train it as you treat your best friend even priorities it more. If not, then he(true friend) will assume he’s your Master and will do as he please. He will become your worst anime and spiral into negativity, depression. It can become a force that drags you down instead of helping you. So be kind to yourself (your true friend), instead of finding love of true friend around you, as your true one is already inside you.

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